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Tread Marks
Платформы: PC

Коды на Tread Marks

Tread Marks cheat codes:
Altering the game at code level (for beta 2.1)

NOTE: This code involves changing the programming of the
game. Screwing around with it may cause you computer to
crash or wig out, so be careful.

These are for Tread Marks Test 2.1, I have never played
any other version so I don't know if they will work for
any other version. Go to the root directory of your
Tread Marks installation directory. Go to the folder
'entities'. Lets start in the projectile directory,
select a filename and double click it, it will bring up
a window that asks you what program you want to open the
file with. Unless you know what the 'always use this
program to open this file type' box does then I would
suggest to leave it unchecked, or uncheck it if it is
checked. Scroll through the menu till you find notepad.
Double click notepad. It will bring up a window with the
contents of the file of which you selected to begin with.
A few lines down you will find speed = 'whatever', change
that number to change how many meters per second the weapon
travels in the game. Crater = 'whatever' is the area across
the surface of the ground your weapon damages when it impacts,
Depth is how deep the crater goes, and scorch is how much of
the crater becomes damaged terrain. 1.0 is no damage, and 0.0
is 100% damaged, anything in between has less or more effect.
I don't know what the 'timetolive = 'whatever' does exactly,
I assume it is how long the projectile will travel without
hitting something before it dicipates, In most files you will
also find a splash radius = 'whatever', this is the area around
where the weapon hits that an enemy will be affected,
Splashdamage = 'whatever' is how much damage is given to the
tank that is in the splash radius, splashpush = 'whatever' is
the force of which the tank is push away from the point the hit
radius. Now going on to the folder Tankgod you will find only
one file, open it like I explained before. Scroll to the bottom
of it and you will find DM (death Match) PeaShooter = 'whatever'
and RacePeaShooter = 'whatever'. Change these values to change
the amount of normal tank shells you start with in deathmatch or
in race mode. Under the Weapon directory, you will find more
files with names similar to weapons in the game, select the
weapon to want to alter and open like I explained before. in
this file you will find a line saying ammo = 'whatever', alter
this to change the amount of ammo you get whenever you pickup
this weapon in the game. Alter the reload time for the weapon to
set how long it takes between shots before you fire again.
And last of all, the powerup directory. Open files in here just
like all the others. The superammo.ent file controls how many
times the ammo of the weapons default ammo load you get every
time you pick up a bright white ammo box, setting this to, say,
100 will give you some 20000 round if you get this when you have
the avenger. Just change the line ammoadd = 'whatever' to whatever
you want. The health.ent control how much health you get when you
pick up a repair in the game, setting the healthfix = 'whatever'
the 1, will repair you tank to 100% no matter how much damage you
have taken. The ammo1.ent it how many normal tank shells you get
each time you get a pea shooter ammo box.
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