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Devil May Cry 4 cheat codes:
Unlockable Artwork:
The Two Heroes, 29 character images - Beat Human or Devil Hunter mode
The Cast - Beat Devil Hunter mode
The Demons, 12 publicity pictures - Beat Son of Sparda mode
Demon Invasion - Beat Dante Must Die mode
The Ladies of Devil May Cry - Beat Heaven or Hell mode
Light from the Demon Blade - Beat Hell or Hell mode
The Secret Festival of the Sword - Beat Legendary Dark Knight mode

Unlock Super Nero & Dante Costumes:
Finish the game on Dante must die difficulty.

Unlock more difficulty levels:
There are three hard core difficulty levels. Son of Sparda,
which then unlocks Dante Must Die and Heaven or Hell.

Unlock full ending:
To see an extended version of the ending, prevent Kyrie from being
hurt for at least a minute and a half as the credits run. If you
manage to do this, the rest of the ending is shown to you.

Viewing the full ending:
Once you defeat the final boss, the game plays the ending. That is only
the partial ending. During the credits if you manage to protect Kyrie for
90 seconds, the credits will finish and you'll get to watch the rest of
the ending. Otherwise the credits will just end prematurely and you'll
have to defeat the final boss again and have another shot at protecting

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