Коды на Darkstone

06.11.2022 @Strannik 1141

Darkstone cheat codes:
Bonus Song:
For a lovely bonus in the single-player game,
toss some coins in the bard's tray (in the
center of town.)

Easter Egg:
When playing as the thief, you can steal from the
chickens in town. Your reward is entirely

Extra gold:
Begin a new game and give all money from one character to the
other character (money holder). Start another new game, and
select the money holder as one character and create an
entirely new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new
character to the money holder. Repeat as needed to build
your gold total.

Money Trick:
The fastest road to easy money is by starting a new game with
two monks. Transfer both the money and book of resurrection to
one monk then quit the game. Start a new game with that same
monk and another new monk, repeating the process until inventory
is full of books and money. Ideally transfer books to a fighter
with a good trade skill and sell all the books bringing in a
total of about 180,000gp. Deposit gold and repeat. Mmmm.

Play Music in MP3 Player
Because the music in DarkStone is stored in MP3 format,
rename the file (giving it an [mp3] extension) to hear
it in your MP3 player!

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