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Combat: Task Force 121
Разработчик: Direct Action Games
Издатель: Groove Games
Платформы: PC, Xbox
Жанры: Action

Коды на Combat: Task Force 121

Combat: Task Force 121 cheat codes:
In the game press [`] or [~] key a console window should open with a cursor.
Enter next case insensitive cheat codes:

FreezeFrame [#] - Freeze Frame after delaying # seconds
Teleport - Teleport to surface player is looking at
(put your Targeting Reticle over
the Ground of where you wish to teleport to)

ChangeSize [#] - Scale the player's size (2- normal)
Amphibious - Breath under water for 999999 seconds
Fly - Enable Fly Mode
Walk - Disable Fly and Ghost Mode
Ghost - Ghost (NoClip) Mode
AllAmmo - All ammo
InfiniteAmmo - Infinate Ammo Clips for all Guns
God - Invincible mode
Reincarnate - Reincarnate mode (you come back to life when killed)
SloMo [#] - Slow motion
SetJumpZ [#] - Set jump size
SetGravity [#] - Set Gravity
SetSpeed [#] - Set Game Speed (2 - normal speed, .25 = 1/4 speed)
KillAll [CLASS] - Kill all enemies class
KillPawns - Kill all enemies
Loaded - AllWeapons & AllAmmo
AllWeapons - Grants All Weapons
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