Коды на Beyond Divinity

06.11.2022 @Strannik 1459

Beyond Divinity cheat codes:
Duplicate Items rating:
You can duplicate items and money the same way as you can
in Divine Divinity. Select the item from your inventory drag
across to plane as you drop the item you press [Ctrl]+[L] (Quick Load)
the same time the item is falling.
This may take some practice to get use too!

Instant Battlefields:
Once you have located one or more of the battlefield keys
during the first act you must add them to your inventory - to
do this you will need to drag and drop the key into your inventory.
These keys will stay with your character throughout each act.
When entering a new act simply click on each key to activate
it and the battlefields will become available - there is no need
to locate the keys specific to each act.

Start game with stronger character:
The first Act of Beyond Divinity, even on the easier settings,
can be a frustrating chore because your characters are so weak
and the opposition is much tougher. This cheat can help you
start with stronger characters and avoid prolonged and epic
battles with lowly Level 2 skeletons.

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